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Jablum Classic Roasted & Ground 8oz (Tin)

Jablum Classic Roasted & Ground 8oz (Tin)
Ground Size: 8oz SKU: # 647026-70350


Savour the timeless pleasure of Jablum Classic 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - exquisite, aromatic and among the most sought after coffees in the world in a convenient reusable tin.

Grown under ideal conditions in the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountains, then carefully selected from the best beans, bolstered by a rich tradition and exacting roasting standards by the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory to produce a unique taste that is - mysterious, tantalizing, guaranteeing pleasure and consistency in each cup.

A dark, seductive, full bodied roast, made from Grade 1 or Peaberry Arabica beans that high altitude, mineral-rich soil and gentle rains in Jamaica's Blue Mountains combine to produce a coffee with a distinctive full-bodied flavor and taste.

Jablum Classic Roasted and Ground coffee has a signature taste that its tin packaging helps to maintain. Hand-picked with care for coffee purists, your senses are delighted with a scent that only the best coffee beans can deliver. As soon as you open the tin, the Jablum Classic experience begins.

It's a Class. Jablum Classic Roasted and Ground Coffee in a tin. 8ounces

Price: $37.00
Price: $37.00