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Jablum Classic Roasted and Ground 8oz

Jablum Classic Roasted and Ground 8oz
Ground Size: 8oz SKU: # 647026-70300


Savour the timeless pleasure of Jablum Classic 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - exquisite, aromatic and among the most sought after coffees in the world.

Grown under ideal conditions in the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountains, then carefully selected from the best beans, bolstered by a rich tradition and exacting roasting standards by the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory to produce a unique taste that is - mysterious, tantalizing, guaranteeing pleasure and consistency in each cup.

A dark, seductive, full bodied roast, made from Grade 1 or Peaberry Arabica beans that high altitude, mineral-rich soil and gentle rains in Jamaica's Blue Mountains combine to produce a coffee with a distinctive full-bodied flavor and taste.

Jablum Classic Roasted and Ground coffee has a signature taste. Hand-picked with care for coffee purists, your senses are delighted with a scent that only the best coffee beans can deliver. As soon as you open its burlap bag package, the Jablum Classic experience begins.

It's a Class. Jablum Classic Roasted and Ground Coffee 8 ounces and 16 ounces.

Price: $32.00
Price: $32.00