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Jablum Premium Blend Roasted & Ground 16oz

Jablum Premium Blend Roasted & Ground 16oz
Ground Size: 16oz SKU: # 647026-41307


From the first moment you open the package, the aroma of premium quality coffee beans waifs up to delight the senses and remind you that this coffee is a delicious blend of the finest Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Plump and red at the peak of maturity, these special beans grown in the Blue Mountains are hand selected then held in reserve over a few seasons especially for our Jablum Premium Blend. Skilled coffee roasters slow roast the beans in metal cauldrons that are hand stirred until the skill and experience of the roaster instinctively knows when they are roasted to perfection. 

The beans are then slowly ground to a consistency perfect for bringing out the best taste. The result is a truly unique taste and a coffee worthy to be called Jablum Premium Blend Roasted and Ground.

The 16-ounce package of Jablum Premium Blend Roasted and Ground contains 2 full pounds of beans that have been roasted and ground for an exceptional taste and a truly satisfying cup of Blue Mountain deliciousness.

Price: $33.00
Price: $33.00