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Wedding statistics in america

Wedding statistics in america

The cash behind the wedding

Timing of weddings

June is one of month that is popular weddings, then August, followed closely by September and October

listed here is a month-to-month breakdown: January 4.7percent February 7.0% March 6.1percent April 7.4percent might 9.8% June 10.8% July 9.7percent August 10.2% 9.6% October 9.4% November 7.4per cent December 7.8 septemberper cent

Where do weddings occur?

80 % of weddings are done in churches or synagogues


  • 99 per cent of newlyweds have a vacation
  • the typical few will invest 3 x more on their vacation compared to a vacation that is regular
  • 40 % of honeymooners will travel in the united states of america, about 60 % will visit a foreign nation
  • honeymoons frequently final 7 to 9 times
  • the absolute most destinations that are popular Las vegas, nevada, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Jamaica
  • 35 per cent of brides and grooms have legitimate passport

Other Interesting Information

  • the utmost effective wedding town in the planet is Istanbul, Turkey with 166,000 for the 12 months
  • Las vegas, nevada, Nevada is with in 2nd spot with 114,000 weddings.

Sources for the statistics

US Census Bureau The Knot (, The Association for Wedding Professionals Global ( ( Us Demographics Bride's Millennium Report: Wedding Like & Cash Bride's mag

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Months with many weddings

You compose "June is one of month that is popular weddings, then August, followed closely by September and October". Your information directly below contradicta your writings as May (9.8%) leads both Sept (9.6%) and October (9.4%)

Great Wedding Stats to Cons > Gabriel DiCristofaro 09/09/2015 Permalink

Actually, it is not simply June weddings. Appears a typical of 10% each thirty days goes from might to September being very nearly even.

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Wow, great article! The wedding was found by me timing especially helpful! Kudos!Heather Rose, A Ceremony To Consider:

Wow, great article! I discovered the marriage timing specially helpful! Kudos!Heather Rose, A Ceremony To Remember

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