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  • Items That Can Make Your Vagina Feel Sore After Intercourse

    Items That Can Make Your Vagina Feel Sore After Intercourse

    perhaps Not the type or style of burning love you'd in your mind.

    Which means you're enjoying the afterglow of the sex that is satisfying whenever you understand your vagina seems sore and tender. The discomfort lasts at the least a couple of hours as well as to the following day. You understand the action felt good within the brief minute, as well as your partner don't do just about anything uncommon. Just what exactly's taking place?

    You are not the only real one feeling the burn after booty. Post-sex soreness just isn't unusual, particularly in younger ladies and more recent couples, states Donnica Moore, MD, ob-gyn and president of Sapphire Women’s wellness Group in nj-new jersey. If it lasts more than 2hours, it is a good clear idea to visit your physician to test for the illness. Yeast-based infections plus some STDs are recognized to cause stinging and burning, she claims, and the ones signs will probably feel even worse after sexual intercourse. Continue reading

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