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To the discerning palate, Jablum Blue Mountain Premium Blend produces thrilling taste sensations that mirror a harmonious marriage between the dulcet tones of reggae and pulsating rythms of soca. Taste the flavourful essence of in a cup of Jablum Premium Blend; sun-kissed isle like only the world's most craved coffee can.

Rich and Rootsy, roasted with a refreshing smoothness that instantly evokes images of dew-covered coffee trees - natural berries perched atop misty peaks. Gifted from the tropics with a tantalizing blend of sweetness and subdued accidity. This mystical balance is the gateway to a natural high that is beyond compare .

Jablum Premium Blend

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  1. Premium Blend Roasted Beans 16oz
    Price: $36.00
    Ripening intensifies flavor yet mellows taste of Jablum Premium Blend Roasted Beans o give you an exceptional cup of coffee. Learn More
  2. Jablum Premium Blend Roasted Beans 8oz
    Price: $23.00
    The 8-ounce package of Jablum Premium Blend Roasted Beans contains 1 full pound of beans that have been roasted for an exceptional taste and a truly satisfying cup of Blue Mountain deliciousness. Learn More