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Tour Guideline

  • 1. All Tours must be booked five (5) days in advance and will attract a cost of US$10.00 or JA$1,000.00 per person.
  • 2. Tour will be facilitated by a trained tour guide. Each tour lasts for 45 minutes.
  • 3. There are opportunities to purchase Jablum Coffee at the end of the tour at our Jablum Cafe.
  • 4. All person (s) participating in the tour will be subjected to GMP procedures at the security gate after which person (s) will be presented to their selected tour guide.
  • 5. All tours will start with an introduction and briefing at the Jablum Cafe and a complementary cup of our Jablum Coffee.
  • 6. Tours are conducted between the hours of 9am and 2pm (local time), Monday – Friday. No tours on a weekend.
  • 7. Tour will include the following under the theme "From Beans to Cup"
    • a. Demonstration Plot: Planting and Seedling
    • b. Pulping Demonstration
    • c. Drying Demonstration
    • d. Waste Treatment Plant
    • e. Roasting Division
    • f. End Tour at Jablum Cafe
  • 8. Person (s) will be asked to remove all jewellery prior to the start of the tour. Person (s) will be given protective gears to be worn in production areas (hairnets and coats). Person (s) are advised to wear medium length or long sleeved clothing and enclosed shoes. Medium to full body coverage is recommended to participate in tours. This is in accordance with our HACCP certification and guideline processes.

Tour Registration

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