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Tour Guideline

    1. Purpose:This procedure aims to have set regulations and guidelines which should be follow by all visitors and tourist entering the compound.
    2. Scope:
      This procedure applies in all instances that employees and visitors enter and leave the facility.
    3. Frequency:
      This procedure is applicable to all visitors and contractors
    4. Responsibilities:
      • Security Guard is responsible for logging the entry and exit times and data of all employees, visitors, and contractors.
      • Tour Guides are responsible for ensuring that visitors and contractors comply to the company policies.
      •   Operations Managers are responsible for ensuring that employees comply with the company policies.
    5. Procedures:
        All persons entering the compound must be signed in and signed out.


      • The persons (employees and visitors must be searched for unauthorized coffee products or any item or property belonging to the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory) must immediately leave the compound after signing out.


      • Persons signing out at the security can only be admitted to the factory again is only granted if the person signs in again.


      • Tours should be made by reservations and noted in the tour reservation schedule, walk-ins will be accommodated according to tour guide availability and reservation schedule.
    •  On entering the compound each visitor and tourist should read the Visitors and Contractors policy, and then sign the logbook as an indication of understanding and acceptance of the rules.

Visitors Tours

  • All visitors that will be touring the facility must be directed to the Gazebo where they will remove all jewelry and put on coat and hair net before being escorted to processing areas.
  • A tour and visitors questionnaire should be completed and then submitted to the tour guide or the tour assistant.
  • Where any concerning information has been stated by the tourist or the visitor then the Operations Manager or the Quality Manager should be notified immediately.
  • They will then be guided by the security to the Gazebo for tours or to the office for appointments.
  • They will be assigned a hairnet, coat, and foot coverings where necessary.
  • A trained tour guide will lead the tour;
  • Persons on tour will be allowed to purchase coffee at the end of the tour;
  • All tours will start with an introduction and briefing in the gazebo by the tour guide. They are also required to pay for the tour here;
  • Following the briefing, tour guide will commence a tour of the factory to the right of the entry point. Areas to be covered are as follows:-
  • Demonstration plot: planting and seedling
  • Pulping: using a small mechanical dryer
  • Drying: mechanical and barbeque
  • Waste Treatment Plant
  • Roasting division (from the window)
  • The guest will return to the Gazebo to buy coffee
  • For office visitors, the front office personnel will notify the respective person(s), and for tours, the coffee sales personnel will notify the tour guide.
  • For tours, all persons must be accompanied by the tour guide to view the facility and operations.
  • Tourist can sign tour book to give comments on their experience.
  • Visitors and Tourist may purchase coffee at the gazebo from assigned personnel.


6. Records:

  • General Visitor Log Book
  • Reservations Log
  • Tour Book
  • Tourist and Visitors Questionnaire Document Id MBCF/HR/PR4/F1


Tour Registration